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TILT Participants - Cohort 1

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Cost for TILT Cohort 1 -

Projected - $95,502.66

Actual - $32,563.26


TILT Participant
Campus Email
Andrea Castaneda DeZavala ES  
Juanita Reyes Hawthorne  
Carole Rylander - Left the District Highland Hills ES  
Kathleen Joaquin Hillcrest ES  
Stephanie Correa Hirsch ES  
Adah Stock Irving MS  
Nancy Rathburn Lanier HS  
Tom Sickmann Rhodes MS  
Laura Sisson Woodlawn ES  


Equipment Issued:

  • Dell laptop D520
  • Digital Projector
  • Interwrite Tablet (discontinued)
  • Digital Camera
  • FLIP Video Camera
  • Digital Audio Recorder

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